An Introduction to the Buteyko Method

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In the 1950’s a Russian medical scientist by the name of Professor K.P. Buteyko, discovered a profound link between disease and the way we breathe.

Very simply, Professor Buteyko discovered that the occurrence (and severity) of a certain classification of the most common diseases (known as the diseases of civilization) and even the trauma of death itself, are closely related with the way we breathe. 


The average depth and volume of our breathing has a profound effect on the uptake of oxygen, metabolism and in fact all the major systems of the organism.


The average amount of air we breathe can be measured just like our pulse, blood pressure and temperature. And through research around such measurements, physiologists derived the amounts or  norms  for the human organism to function optimally . For example, the norm for human body temperature it is 98.6 C, for the pulse it is 60 - 70 beats per minute, for blood pressure it is 120/80 and for the breathing (or respiration) it is 3 - 4 liters per minute. 

Professor Buteyko’s exhaustive research led him to the immutable conclusion that hundreds of chronic diseases could be scientifically explained as a consequence of the organism habitually breathing above the physiologically recommended norm or optimal amount. And the more above this norm, the more the organism is disturbed and the subsequent incidence and severity of related chronic disease and poor health."


The tendency to involuntarily and habitually over breathe is known as chronic hyperventilation syndrome (CHVS) and is extremely common and is estimated to afflict (to various degrees) over 80% of all people.  

Exhaustive research showed that all sufferers of asthma, allergies, diabetes and some two hundred separately named diseases share one thing in common - all of them ventilate or breathe significantly above the physiologically recommended norm. And people who breathe within the physiologically recommended norm do not suffer with any of the diseases of civilization.


It occurred to Professor Buteyko that if he could retrain the breathing pattern so that it reverted toward the norm of 3 - 4 liters per minute - he could reverse these diseases.

After years of experimentation Professor Buteyko managed to develop a process to normalize the breathing pattern, which proved his ideas and which for over the last 50+ years, has allowed tens of thousands of people to reverse their chronic diseases and attain robust health. This system or approach has become known as The Buteyko Method.

Professor Buteyko’s classical approach for the

reversal of chronic disease by the most qualified and

experienced practitioners in the world.