Training costs attempt to reflect time and skill required to deliver effective treatment.

Apart from workshops which are regularly conducted in the UK, US, Europe and Asia - training is conducted via telephone/Skype.

In-house training can be arranged but will incur additional costs of travel and accomodation etc.

The fees listed below can be adjusted according to variable requirements.

Payment plans can usually be arranged.

Payment via Bank Draft, Credit Card and PayPal are accepted.

Assessment Consultations 

Assessment consultation fees will be deducted from Grade 1,2 and 3 Training Programs.

 Associate Practitioner 
 USD   45.00
 Senior Practitioner
 USD   75.00
 Senior Consultant
 USD 150.00 

Training Programs and Costs for Chronic Disease Treatment
  see Diseases Treated



Patients in the Grade 1 and Grade 2 category see Diseases Treated.

Patients in the Grade 1 category see Diseases Treated.

Patients in the Grade 2 category see Diseases Treated.

Patients in the Grade 3 category - see Chronic Diseases Treated

Conducted by

Associate Practitioner or Facilitator and supervised by a Senior Practitioner or Consultant see Practitioners and Consultants  via video conferencing.

Asssociate Practitioner under supervision of a Senior Practitioner.

see Practitioners and Consultants 

Asssociate Practitioner/ Senior Practitioner/Senior Consultant

see Practitioners and Consultants 

Senior Practitioner/Senior Consultant with assistance from Associate Practitioner see Practitioners and Consultants 


Conducted in a group over five, one and a half hour sessions, over five days - and ongoing telephone support for a total of one month.

Daily telephone/Skype sessions for the first 7 - 10 days, then regular consultations and follow up as required. Includes consultations with a Senior Practitioner as required.

Regualr telephone/Skype sessions and follow up consultations. Includes sessions and  consultations with a Senior Practitioner/ Senior Consultant as required.

Daily telephone/Skype sessions, with a Senior Practitioner/Senior Consultant/Associate Practitioner

Cost per month

UK GBP 300.00
US USD 450.00
Europe Eu 375.00

UK GBP 750.00
US USD 1,200
Europe Eu 900.00

UK GBP 1125.00
US USD 1700.00
Europe Eu 1350

UK GBP 1500.00
US USD 2250.00
Europe Eu 1800.00

Casual Training Consultations and Sessions

 Associate Practitioner
  USD   80.00
  USD 120.00
 Senior Practitioner
  USD 150.00
 Senior Consultant
  USD 200.00