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The Stalmatsky Collection

Alexander Stalmatsky was one of the first Practitioners of Buteyko's Method - and became a leading protege of Professor Buteyko in Russia and later in the West, wherein by producing extraordinary results, he attracted huge publicity.

This small collection of videos provides some excellent background to the method and touches on some controversial points and done in Alexander's unique and engaging style.  

Alexander works within the group of practitioners, specilizing in the treatment of serious health probelms using the Buteyko Method and can be reached via

Stalmatsky meets Professor Buteyko

Working with Professor Buteyko

The Buteyko Method across Russia and the first clinic

How the Buteyko Method got its name - but is it really a method?

The Essence Behind the Buteyko Method

Buteyko Practitioner Skills

The Maximum Pause Controversy

How the Buteyko Method came to the West