Newspaper Articles

"A Shorter Intake of Breath" 

Independent Newspaper (UK)

"Could This Mean the End of the Inhaler" 

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"Member of Parliment Backs Method"  

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"Wonder Cure from Russia is Ahead By a Nose"   

 The Daily Express Newspaper (UK)

"Stop This Asthma Disgrace" 

The Daily Express Newspaper (UK)

"Doctors Gasp at Buteyko Success" 

Front Page of "Australian Doctor"

"Breathe Freely if you have Asthma" 

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"Asthma Under Attack" 

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"Breathe Easily, and Learn to Live Again" 

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"Where There's a Wheeze, There's a Way" 

The Herald (UK)

"Breathing Life into Medical Theories" 

The Herald (UK)

"Coming Up for Air" 

"It's enough to make you gasp" 

The Herald (UK)

"Doctors Test Drug-Free Asthma Cure" 

The Scotsman (UK)

"A Breath of Fresh Air for Asthmatics" 

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"New Hope on Asthma" 

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"Breath Taking news?" 

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