Practitioner Training

"Keeping in mind all the complications that can emerge during the training, we forbid self-training. Supervision by a specially-trained practitioner is essential"

K.P. Buteyko

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Professor Buteyko developed a system for cultivating skilled practitioners who could wield his method and produce extraordinary results for the reversal of even serious chronic diseases. Naturally, a solid grasp of the relevant theoretical aspects of his method and how it relates to physiology, disease and medications was important - but not considered the most essential ingredient.

The most essential ingredient was a practical working knowledge of how to apply his method to yield optimal results in a given situation.

Professor Buteyko noted that amongst his practitioners, the ones who had the most sophisticated theoretical knowledge were not always the most skilful in producing results with patients. But certainly the ones who had observed and worked with the largest numbers of students were. This led him to a system wherein new practitioners would work with and under the guidance of more experienced practitioners. train practitioners along similar lines. With the advent of video conferencing, trainee practitioners can work under realtime supervision of some of the most experienced practitioners in the world today. See The Video Conferencing and Workshop Facilitatior Program and Practitioners and Consultants.

It should be noted that in the West many people have undergone Buteyko Practitioner courses - perhaps as many as several hundred. But the vast majority have failed to build viable practices, except for those engaged in the training of other practitioners. This is because they are only trained to treat superficial conditions such as mild asthma, allergies and blocked nose etc. - and miss perhaps 80% of potential clients, simply because they can't treat diverse and serious conditions.

Even though Buteyko is famous for the effective drug free treatment of asthma for example, only a tiny percentage of asthmatics choose to learn it - even after massive publicity. And this is why practitioners who only treat mild asthma seldom have viable practices. Furthermore it is difficult to build a strong reputation based on treating a few mild conditions. When practitioners have succeful cases for the reversal of serious conditions to their credit - they naturally develop a reputation which will enormously augment the viability of their practice.

If you would like to discuss practitioner training options we are pleased to do so - but we don't run "come and go" practitioner courses and we do have strict guidelines on whom we offer practitioner training to and agreements on how they practice.

An easier option before making the commitment to practitioner training is to consider becoming a LearnButeyko Facilitator - please take a look at the Video Conferencing Program and Workshop Facilitator Program

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