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Video Conferencing and Workshop Facilitator Program

LearnButeyko workshops under the supervision of a highly qualified practitioner via video conferencing is a breakthrough for both students and those who wish to facilitate workshops, who want the best results possible as well as practitioners who wish to broaden their experience.

Online video conferencing now allows Buteyko aspirants to be trained, coached and supervised in real time by a highly qualified and experienced practitioner almost anywhere.

Now there is no need for students to struggle with ineffective DIY Buteyko books and videos or be disappointed with an inexperienced practitioner – access to highly qualified and experienced practitioner is as close as an internet connection.

We've been running video conference workshops in the UK, US and Europe for several years now - and we've become experienced in the practical issues, to ensure the same if not better results than with regular workshops. 

An opportunity

Buteyko workshop facilitators have the opportunity to organize and host Buteyko workshops for friends’, family or professionally under the care and supervision of a qualified Buteyko Practitioner. This is an ideal opportunity for doctors, nurses, yoga teachers, therapists, school teachers and sports coaches.

For those interested in one day becoming a Practitioner, facilitating LearnButeyko video conference workshops provides real time experience in dealing with real people and developing real skills – all under the auspices
of a highly qualified Buteyko Practitioner. In this way, you not only will develop experience – students will also have the best possible opportunity to attain the results which have made Buteyko famous. Compare this with a theoretical practitioner course that costs thousands and leaves you with little or no real experience. 

Draw on decades of experience

Even experienced Buteyko Practitioners who wish to broaden their skills and treat conditions in which they are presently inexperienced can benefit enormously. Developing the skills and experience to deal
with chronic fatigue, diabetes, emphysema and other serious conditions can invigorate your practice. Why only treat asthma and sleep apnea when you can successfully manage other conditions?

Consider running workshops with some of the world’s most experienced practitioners such as Alexander Stalmatsky or Vladimir Sukonosov, who have treated tens of thousands of people with Buteyko’s Method and are intimately familiar with the most serious and complex health problems.

Small outlay - satisfying rewards

The Learnbuteyko Facilitator Program is open to both Buteyko students and existing Buteyko Practitioners. Those who have no experience in conducting a Buteyko workshop will need to undergo some basic and
inexpensive facilitator training which can be done online. You will also need some basic equipment such as a reliable laptop, a screen and of course a good internet connection.

LearnButeyko facilitators will be entitled to a generous income sharing arrangement – and we’ll also assist with promotion if required. So if you can connect with people and have organizational skills, you can expect to be rewarded for your efforts – in addition to the satisfaction of facilitating profound health benefits.

For further information about the Learnbuteyko Facilitator Program please contact us.